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Software Kasadaka

The Kasadaka is built on a Raspberry Pi computer, but in principle Linux supporting environment is suitable. The open source nature of Linux is perfect to develop sustainable software in, as it gives complete ownership of the applications to the users and developers. This attracts motivated developers to adjust and improve software if needed. Open Source software gives local developers the opportunity to contribute to the projects. This gives the opportunity to make the project a sustainable platform that is made for and by local developers.

The software stack that runs on the Raspberry Pi constist of several (mostly open source) components that work together to enable the hosting and development of information services for the developing world. The stack includes: Raspbian, Asterisk, chan_dongle, Voximal, Apache2 and Django. An important component is the Voice Service Development Kit (VSDK), which is a Django based web-application that enables the development of voice-service prototypes from a (offline) web browser, not requiring any programming skills. For more details on the software components and the roles they play in the Kasadaka, refer to André Baart's MSc thesis (pdf).